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24/7 Pharmacy

Our hospital features 24/7 pharmacy in Vijayawada, Guntur which provides many types of medicines. Our pharmacists are well qualified and experienced, and they can provide the details about the dosages of all medicines. We also provide over-the-counter medicines, in case you want the generic medicines.

Generic medicines are maintained at our pharmacy since many people would need them once in a while, or, take them as a precautionary step to stabilize the health, till they visit the doctor. We maintain the required temperature for each drug and use the refrigerator for the medicines, which should be stored at cool temperatures.

We stock in all types of medicines, manufactured by the renowned brands, to solve the needs of various people. Our Store supervisor keeps track of the number of medicines in the store, and always keeps the pharmacy updated. So, there is no question of non-availability of any medicine at our store.

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