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Every second is crucial in a medical emergency. So is the treatment. Emergency Medicine at Ramesh Hospitals combines technology and unmatched medical expertise to provide advanced emergency care, with utmost efficiency. Capable of handling most emergencies, the emergency care team ever ready, 24/7.

With multiple emergency care rooms and state-of-the-art clinical support including a dedicated exclusive Radiology channel for fast-tracking diagnosis, the team of trained and experienced Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses here have all facilities at hand to extend immediate medical care to critically ill or injured Patients with threat to life or limbs.

The emergency care unit also has a 24-hour Pharmacy to ensure availability of medicine at all times.

Trauma Care

The Emergency Department has a dedicated trauma room with advanced clinical support and facilities for trauma care. Operating in accordance to international guidelines prescribed by ATLS, the trauma room has portable X-Ray and ultrasound machines, and advanced airway devices. In the event of a critical trauma case, the trauma team comprising Emergency Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon, CVTS Surgeon, Gastro Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Anesthetist and Radiologist will take over.

Golden Hour Heart & Brain Casualty

The Golden Hour is the window of opportunity that impacts a patient’s survival and quality of life following a heart attack or brain stroke. Rapid medical attention is provided to patients who are brought in with symptoms like pain or discomfort in the chest, profuse sweating, a side of the face drooping, weakness in arm/ inability to fully raise an arm and difficulty to produce speech. The patient, who is attended by a trained medical team, is immediately made to undergo a “chest pain screening algorithm” (a set of investigations to diagnose any possible cardiac problems), after which he or she is shifted to the ward/ ICU accordingly.

Triage Area

The Emergency Department has a Triage Area, where an ACLS/ATLS/PALS Trained Nurse, follows a specialised Triage system and triages patients on the basis of how critical the illness or injury is. Triage or the first point of public contact with the Emergency Department, is done according to the Australasian Triage System, wherein patients are triaged into 5 categories. Triaging ensures that the most critically ill patient gets medical attention on priority, without delay.


The fundamental support system in critical care, Intensive Care Units (ICU), at Ramesh Hospitals provides efficient, dedicated, high quality evidence-based care to critically ill patients through a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach. The ICUs are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and manned by experienced doctors, ancillary staff, who are capable of handling patients with a wide range of serious medical complications. These include complex conditions ranging from sepsis to pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and multi organ failure. The critical care team follows international protocols and quality indicators for best results.

We are one among the few facilities in this region with a full-fledged medical team for infection control. Utmost priority is also given to safety and prevention of infections, especially with the recent rise of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”. Ramesh Hospitals offers specialised ICUs including Cardiovascular Thoracic ICUs, Trauma ICUs, Surgical ICUs, Medical ICUs, Neuro/ Stroke ICUs, Transplant ICUs, Gynec ICUs, Paediatric ICUs and Neonatal ICUs.


Dr P Sowjanya

Sr Consultant – Emergency & Critical Care

Anesthesia - P.Srinivas

Dr P Srinivasa Rao

Sr Consultant – Anaesthesiology

Dr T Appi Reddy

Consultant – Emergency & Critical Care

Anesthesiologist - Dr. y Sowjanya

Dr Y Sowjanya

Consultant – Anaesthesiology

Dr. Jayanth Reddy, J Praveen Kumar, KSN Chary, G Rama Mohan Rao, Dr. Raju Badipati, K Pavan Kumar ,K Pavan Kumar, Niti Singhal, P Geetha Vani, Dr D Naveen Chandra Rao, BV Sudheer Kumar, B Sudeena, Dr R John Satish, Dr K Raja Ramamohan Rao , Dr B M V Krishna Chaitanya , Dr. T Sai Prasad ,Krishna Chaitanya, Lakshmi Kantham , Dr.T Lakshmi Kantham, Neurologists, Dr. K .Naga Kalyan Ram, Gastroenterology , Dr.Y Karthik Chowdary, Dr K Hima Bindu,Dr P Chayadevi

Dr Y Karthik

Consultant – Anaesthesiology

Dr. Raju Badipati, Dr. HIMA BINDU BOLLA, DR B THANUJA , Dr.Shaik Moulali, Dr Biju Govind , Dr. Srinath Reddy , interventional cardiology- consultant

Dr P Viswanath

Consultant – Plastic & Cosmetic Surergy

Dr. Nanda Kishore, Best ENT Specialist In Vijayawada, Guntur

Dr G Nanda Kishore

Consultant – ENT

Dr. Raju Badipati, Dr. HIMA BINDU BOLLA, DR B THANUJA , Dr.Shaik Moulali, Dr Biju Govind , Dr. Srinath Reddy , interventional cardiology- consultant

Dr Manoj Mahi

Consultant – Neuro Surgery


Dr R Pavan Kumar

Consultant – Orthopedics

N Anand Kumar, Orthopedic, Bone Specialist Doctor In Guntur

Dr N Anand Kumar

Consultant – Orthopedics

G Bharat, Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Vijayawada, Guntur

Dr G Bharath

Consultant – Orthopedics

B Bala Bhaskar Rao, Best Pulmonologist In Vijayawada

Dr B Bala Bhaskar Rao

Consultant – Pulmonology & Critical Care