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Birth of the Idea

Andhra Pradesh has one of the highest incidences of deaths due to heart and brain stroke. Doctor to population ratio in the state is one of the lowest in the country. Limited access for people in smaller towns and villages to consult super specialists within the “Golden Hours” has resulted in the increased incidence of cardiac deaths, stroke incidents and many life threatening medical conditions. In developed countries, sudden cardiac deaths have declined by 15% since 1980, largely because of early identification of heart attack, golden hour programs, BLS training for masses and application of Telemedicine in acute emergency care. This sparked the motivation in us to bring Telemedicine services to Andhra Pradesh.

Primary Telemedicine Centres

With a view to saving peoples’ lives during the “Golden Hours”, we have started Telemedicine Centres. We partner with local doctors, nursing homes and PHCs to provide these services in remote towns (“Spokes”). Each spoke is connected to our “Hubs” to receive expert consultation about the medical condition.

Using wireless ECG machines, 3G communication and video conferencing technology, patients in smaller towns can be treated by specialists in the Hubs. It is utilized for preventive as well as emergency care in Cardiology, Neurology and other specialties. We are pioneers in adopting technology and providing Telemedicine services for emergency care in Andhra Pradesh.

Benefits to Patients

  • Access to super-specialists in Hubs
  • Affordable Telemedicine Consultation
  • Timely treatment within the “Golden Hours”
  • Prevention of false positives

Benefits to Local Doctors

  • Continuous medical education, BLS and ACLS programs by Ramesh Hospitals
  • Enhanced reputation as they are able to save lives by partnering with Ramesh Hospitals

Benefits to General Public

  • Public awareness camps and periodical educational material provided
  • Improved awareness enhances chances of detection of symptoms in self and others

Government of Andhra Pradesh also encourages setting up of Telemedicine centres as a part of Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives. Denduluru Telemedicine centre is our first PPP project.

List of Telemedicine Centres:

Location Phone No
MAINCENTRE 9848-868-686
GUNTUR 7036-505-050
ELURU 8499-918-777
GUDIVADA 9010-611-333
REPALLE 8501-041-234
KAIKALURU 7036-494-949
MEERJAPURAM 7288-902-888
Location Phone No
DENDULURU 7731-843-334
MYLAVARAM 7036-474-747
MACHILIPATNAM 7036-660-363
JAGGAYYAPET 9542-838-383
LINGALA 7036-666-153
KONEKEPUDI 9052-481-747

Telemedicine Centres:

Gannavaram Airport,
Near To Kesarapalli.
Gannavaram, Krishna Dist.
Ph. 9553 989898
Email ID:

Primary Health Centre
Main Road, Denduluru
West Godavari Dist.
Ph. 7731 843334
Email ID:

Ramesh Hospitals,
Mulukutla Vari Street,
R.R.Peta, Eluru.
Ph. 8812239340, 8499918777
Email ID:

Dr. Anne Venkataratnamma Building,
Beside Bommarillu Theater,
D. no: 10-76, Gudivada, Krishna Dist.
Ph. 9010 611333.
Email ID:

Railway station
Sambasiva pet
Ph. 99489 54321
Email ID:

Community Health Centre,
Municipal Office Square,
Jaggaiahpet, Krishna Dist.,
Ph. 9542 838383
Email ID:

Sri Susila Hospital
T.T.D Kalyana Mandapam Road,
Jangareddy Gudem.
Ph. 9505 237788
Email ID:

Community Health Centre,
Beside Court
Ph. 7036 494949
Email ID:

Assisi Health Care Center,
Assisi Nagar, Konekepudi,
Pedana Mandal, Krishna Dist.
Ph No: 9052481747
Email ID:

Sub Primary Health Centre,
Vatsavai Mandal
Ph. 703 6666 153
Email ID:

Ramesh Hospitals
Allada Building, Godugu Pet,
Ph No. 7036 660363
Email ID:

Indus American Senior Citizen Care Foundation Building,
Meerjapuram, Nuzvid Mandal,
Krishna Dist,
Ph No: 7288902888.
Email ID:

Ramesh Hosptials,
Mg Road, Near Indiragandhi Municipal Stadium,
Ph 9010 868686
Email ID:

Anu Hospitals,
Post Office Lane,
Mylavaram, Krishna Dist.
Ph. 7036 474747 / 08659 222763
Email ID:

Sri Inderadevi Nursing Home,
Near Taluka Office,
Repalle, Guntur Dist.
Ph. 8501 041234
Email ID:

Ravindra Nursing Home,
Yerragondapalem po and Mandal,
Prakasham Dt, Pin: 523 327
Ph. 9640035678
Email ID: