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Among the most advanced of its kind along the Coast of Bay of Bengal, the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Cardiac Sciences at Ramesh Hospitals offers comprehensive cardiac care for the management of heart ailments in both adults and children, with a preventive approach. State-of-the-art in terms of clinical support and facilities offered, the CoE has an Outpatient division, an Inpatient Division, a fully equipped and functional 50-bed Cardiac ICU cumulatively in Vijayawada and Guntur to handle all cardiac emergencies, an advanced cardiology imaging section, cardiology surgical suites and an Invasive Diagnostic and Interventional division – for both adult and pediatric.

The CoE has an exceptional team 15 Cardiologists, 6 Cardiac Surgeons (Adult & Pediatric) and 2 Pediatric Cardiologists who are experts in their field of specialization, with several years of experience to their credit in handling the most complicated and challenging cases. This team is complemented by a team of Cardiac Anaesthesiologists, Interventional Radiologists, Intensivists and Rehabilitation Therapists.

Our team of Doctor follows “Healing the Heart Approach” where in all cases are discussed in-depth as a team and the course of treatment for each patient is decided collectively, after taking into consideration all aspects of the problem.

All the Doctors and Nurses in the ICUs are ACLS certified and Paramedics – BLS certified.


  • Outpatient consultation
  • Electrocardiography (ECG)
  • Treadmill testing
  • 3D Echocardiography


Invasive Diagnostics and Interventions

  • Primary Angiography 24x 7 with a door to balloon time of xx minutes
  • Elective Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty
  • Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterisation
  • Percutaneous Valvuloplasty
  • Implantation Of Pacemakers
  • Implantation Of Automatic Cardiac Defibrillators
  • Implantation Of IVC Filters
  • CT Coronary Angiogram

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Appointments for Call

Vijayawada – 0866 2463 463
Guntur – 0863 2377 777
Ongole – 0859 2234 599

Timings: Sunday – Saturday 24/7


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